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Coastal Care Services®, an established provider network with more than 30 years of experience in the home care service industry, is now managing most of our durable medical equipment (DME), home health, and home infusion services (PDF). A notice about this transition was mailed on January 25, 2018. After April 1, 2018, providers can call Coastal Care Services at 1-855-481-0505 with any questions about the transition, or authorization requests and claims for these services.

Prestige Health Choice recognizes that our provider partnerships are a major factor in our ability to deliver quality Medicaid services and neighborhood-based care throughout Florida. Every day, Prestige's mission to provide quality, affordable service to the underserved in our communities is reflected in the care, expertise, and support that our providers offer.

Direct secure messaging

Direct secure messaging (DSM) enables managed care organizations and providers to securely send patient health information electronically to many types of organizations. Prestige Health Choice encourages network providers to use the Florida Health Information Exchange (HIE) to send orders, records, results, and other health information.

We want to thank our providers for helping to make Prestige Health Choice a better health care plan. Your feedback, questions, and concerns are always welcome. Call Provider Services at 1-800-617-5727 to speak to a representative.